9 Mai 1895 / the 9th of May 1895 / 9. toukokuuta 1895

                            9 Mai 1895 Sat al meu, ce porti în nume sunetele lacrimei, la chemari adânci de mume în cea noapte te-am ales ca prag de lume si poteca patimei. Spre tine cine m-a-ndrumat din strafund de veac, în tine cine m-a chemat fie binecuvântat, sat de lacrimi fara leac. Lucian Blaga   The 9th of May 1895   Village of mine carrying in your name sounds and...Read More »

Resitatiivi I / Recitativ 1

                    Happy birthday in Eternity, Hilja Onerva Lehtinen   Resitatiivi I Ei onnea luotu minulle, se luotiin muita vasten, se luotiin perhojen iloita ja leikkiä nukkelasten! Jos en sitä itse ma särkisikään, sen särkevät multa toiset: nuo sääntöjen säveät seuraajat, nuo homeisten lakien loiset, joiden järki on jäykkä ja pimeä ja tunne kuin tahkottu kivi, mielipitehet museon hyllyltä ja sielu kuin kirjan rivi, joiden silmät on...Read More »

Spring is the period

                    Spring is the period   Spring is the Period Express from God. Among the other seasons Himself abide, But during March and April None stir abroad Without a cordial interview With God.   Emily Dickinson ...Read More »

The Easter flower

                  The Easter flower   Far from this foreign Easter damp and chilly My soul steals to a pear-shaped plot of ground, Where gleamed the lilac-tinted Easter lily Soft-scented in the air for yards around; Alone, without a hint of guardian leaf! Just like a fragile bell of silver rime, It burst the tomb for freedom sweet and brief In...Read More »

A fairly sad tale

                                                A Fairly Sad Tale I think that I shall never know Why I am thus, and I am so. Around me, other girls inspire In men the rush and roar of fire, The sweet transparency of glass, The tenderness of April grass, The durability of granite; But me- I don’t know how to plan it. The lads I’ve met...Read More »

Lines written in early Spring

                        Lines Written in Early Spring   I heard a thousand blended notes, While in a grove I sate reclined, In that sweet mood when pleasant thoughts Bring sad thoughts to the mind. To her fair works did Nature link The human soul that through me ran; And much it grieved my heart to think What man has made of...Read More »


                      Nature A LIGHT exists in spring Not present on the year At any other period. When March is scarcely here A color stands abroad On solitary hills That silence cannot overtake, But human nature feels. It waits upon the lawn; It shows the furthest tree Upon the furthest slope we know; It almost speaks to me. Then, as horizons step, Or noons report away, Without...Read More »

When you are old

When you are old   When you are old and grey and full of sleep, And nodding by the fire, take down this book, And slowly read, and dream of the soft look Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep;   How many loved your moments of glad grace, And loved your beauty with love false...Read More »

The red dress

                                        The red dress I always saw, I always said If I were grown and free, I’d have a gown of reddest red As fine as you could see, To wear out walking, sleek and slow, Upon a Summer day, And there’d be one to see me so And flip the world away. And he would be a gallant one, With...Read More »

Te naiset / Voi Femei

                    Te naiset / Voi FemeiTe naiset, te naiset, te näyttelijät, te petätte, peitätte yhä, te lainaatte lapselta katsehen ja ilmehen tekopyhän. Te petätte itsenne, petätte muut, kun sidotte silmät, tukitte suut ja käytte kuin nunnien kuvat, kuin enkelit tusinataiturin palapiirtehin säveän säädyllisin, näin täyttäen luulot ja luvat.Oi ollapa kerrankin ihminen ja valimostanne vapaa! Te pelkäätte sääntöjen sävyä ja kotien kireää tapaa; mut ponnisteltua...Read More »