The day I died / Ziua in care am murit

                  The day I died / Ziua in care am murit I was eighteen, I woke up that morning and I thought: today is my last day on earth. I went outside, a November morning dark and heavy looked at me morosely. Yet what I saw was the fire of a daring sunrise at the horizon. The rain fell cold yet I saw its...Read More »

Cos'è mai la Poesia...? / What is Poetry ...?

Cos’è mai la Poesia…? / What is Poetry …? Cos’è mai la Poesia se non un’emozione del cuore, scritta con l’inchiostro dell’anima, nel intonso bianco cielo d’un foglio? Si sveglia nel cuore della notte e pulsa, e freme impaziente al lume di candela o ai primi cinguettio del mattino: come uccellino ancora implume dal nido vuol alzarsi e in un canto alto levarsi in volo. Nell’albe...Read More »

Dona, d’aquí a un temps / Femme, après un temps

                  Dona, d’aquí a un temps Dona, d’aquí a un temps, després de tu i de mi i de les flors marcides, ¿què en serà, d’aquest dormitori on ens hem estimat? ¿I què en serà, del mirall, del penja-robes, del balancí, del retrat de nuvis que tira a magenta, de les fines esberles del guix, que han absorbit el nostre alè, la...Read More »

The scent of a father

                        The scent of a father   Since I was a toddler up to the age of 14, when I went to high school, my family called me MITSUKA, especcially my Dad. I didn’t know why, where from the nick name, sometimes, while growing up, I thought that it may have been an influence...Read More »

Colour me gone

                  Colour me gone   Colour me gone I’m just a pawn In life’s chess game   I’m just a non- person, a yawn, and all the same.   I take no heart, I play no part In this last act   I’m game for Art, my counterpart, and that’s a fact.   I know not why I’m a far cry from all that’s known     a harvest fly of the wild rye. colour me...Read More »

Happy Independence Day, Finland! SUOMI 100!

                    Happy Independence Day, Finland! SUOMI 100! PYHÄ SYNNYINMAA Sua muistamme ain, pyhä syntymämaa, mikä lieneekin toimemme, työmme, ylin onni Sa oot, minkä ihminen saa, elon aurinko, tähtönen yömme; Sun korpies kuisketta kuulimme lasna, sitä unhota emme me harmajahasna, Sun valtaasi tahdomme vahvistaa, Sua lempien leipääsi syömme. Oli kielesi kirkkaus jo vertaamaton, kun soi sitä äiteimme huulet, sen kauneus nyt karttunut, varttunut on, tänä...Read More »

"Caldura" finlandeza

                      „Caldura” finlandeza   „Bucura-te de lucrurile marunte. Într-o buna zi s-ar putea sa privesti înapoi si sa descoperi ca erau cele mai importante lucruri.” Robert Brault 16 iulie 2017, Kotka, Finlanda.   Mottoul ales pentru corespondenta de astazi este definitoriu pentru modul în care locuitorii din Kotka si foarte multi turisti care s-au implicat...Read More »

Itsenäisyyspäivä / Independence Day

                    Independence Day! The land of forever snow is only mine. It is not like any other country. My Finland is blue and white. My Finland means the deep woods where live the fairies, the legends. It is the place where the heaven and the earth meet. My Finland is the incomparable...Read More »

I am tired.

                  I am tired. Damn damn damn. I would not have you find me so led by others, but perhaps you are right. I realize how I am so unrefined and stupid. I get down because I do fight the blues. I do suffer from what I accuse other of suffering...Read More »

The Tale of the Three Brothers

                    The Tale of the Three Brothers There were once three brothers who were traveling along a lonely, winding road at twilight. In time, the brothers reached a river too deep to wade through and too dangerous to swim across.. However, these brothers were learned in the magical arts, and so they...Read More »