Spring 2018

Rest in peace, dear Professor!

                    Rest in peace! May HE rest in peace! Now HE knows is there a God or black wholes? A Man who proved that Life conquers all… The brighest star just died… Stephen Hawking, the brilliant British theoretical physicist who overcame a debilitating disease to publish wildly popular books probing the mysteries of the...Read More »


Sperriges morgen / Obstructive tomorrow                                     The best translation of Paul Celan by MICHAEL HAMBURGER, SUFFOLK, 1979 AND 1987 ...Read More »

Written in March

                    Written in March The Cock is crowing, The stream is flowing, The small birds twitter, The lake doth glitter, The green field sleeps in the sun; The oldest and youngest Are at work with the strongest; The cattle are grazing, Their heads never raising; There are forty feeding like one! 10 Like an army defeated The snow hath retreated, And now doth fare...Read More »

Memory of a scent / Doftminne

                    Memory of a scent / Doftminne The melancholy of Lapland lakes! The dead wash of the low waves against the shore! I remember them, I remember the boats shaped like peapods I remember a scent of pipesmoke in the chilly clear air. ………………………………………………………………………………. Doftminnne DE lappländska sjöarnas melankoli! De korta vågornas döda slag emot stranden! Jagg minns dem,jag minns...Read More »

Gunnar Ekelöf

                                    Songs of something else   “It was clear for me that I knew nothing. I took words one by one and tried to determine their values. I placed word beside word and succeeded after a great deal of trouble in piecing together a complete sentence – naturally with no meaning in it...Read More »

Friends of loneliness

Prieteni de singuratate   Eu te-am uitat Toata lumea s-a schimbat Tu m-ai iertat viata nu e un pacat. Tangoul meu este o poveste cand ai plecat el mi-a dat de veste mi-a amintit clipe uitate mi-e prieten drag de singuratate. Noi ne-am iubit soarta clipei a mintit stins e-al vietii pas doar tangoul mi-a ramas.   Catalin Crisan ...Read More »

To Liliana Mihalache, my best friend

Prietenia Prietenia n-o destramă un cuvânt trecător. Prietenia o păstrezi dacă te încrezi în ea, Prietenia e un dar ce nu-l primeşti uşor, Prietenia n-o uiţi,nu o mai poţi uita… In drumul tau orice speranta si-orice gand le insoteste surazand fermecator Prietenia. Pasii tai fara s-o spuna deseori ii ocroteste Prietenia, prieteia, prietenia, prietenia. Oricare-ar fi visele tale pentru...Read More »

Dear March - Come in -

Dear March - Come in - Dear March - Come in - How glad I am - I hoped for you before - Put down your Hat - You must have walked - How out of Breath you are - Dear March, how are you, and the Rest - Did you leave Nature well -...Read More »