Time in a frame

                                Time in a frame     She’s tall, dark-haired, with sparkling eyes, her fingers swift and sure, bent over piano she cries, her white neck’s long and pure. She’s twenty two or twenty three, and to the angels talking she needs not notes for melody, she plays as if sleepwalking. The photo speaks volumes of her and of that time in amber. She...Read More »


                        Lost     Lost pride last seen the teachers’ lounge. In ‘99 somewhere South-east of Europe. It was vintage bruised brutalized persona non grata yet it was mine. I travelled since searching for it in vane. Who may find it please return it to grave nr.5 the Mountain Ash tree facing the heaven. Reward: three bloody tears and my story.     Maria Magdalena Biela ...Read More »

The laughing heart / Inima care rade

    The laughing heart / Inima care rade your life is your life don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission. be on the watch. there are ways out. there is light somewhere. it may not be much light but it beats the darkness. be on the watch. the gods will offer you chances. know them. take them. you can’t beat death but you...Read More »

Powers of reason

                          Powers of reason I was walking down the street one day, in a metaphoric truth, when all at once and out of the blue, an idea came into view, Aha! says I, That’s it … Yes! I considered and pondered, thought a bit, Feels right, says I, This is it! I thought awhile about the possibilities, to explore its...Read More »

Roll the dice

Roll the dice   if you’re going to try, go all the way. otherwise, don’t even start. if you’re going to try, go all the way. this could mean losing girlfriends, wives, relatives, jobs and maybe your mind. go all the way. it could mean not eating for 3 or 4 days. it could mean freezing on a park bench. it could mean jail, it...Read More »


Bluebird   there’s a bluebird in my heart that wants to get out but I’m too tough for him, I say, stay in there, I’m not going to let anybody see you. there’s a bluebird in my heart that wants to get out but I pour whiskey on him and inhale cigarette smoke and the whores and the bartenders and the grocery clerks never...Read More »


                                          Signore   Signore, tu lo senti ch’io non ho voce piu per ridere il tuo canto segreto. Signore, tu lo vedi ch’io non ho occhi piu per i tuoi cieli, per le nuvole tue consolatrici . Signore, per tutto il mio pianto, ridammi una stilla di Te ch’io riviva . Perche tu sai, Signore, che in un tempo lontano anch’io tenni nel cuore tutto un lago, un gran...Read More »

Many zeros

                              Many zeros   The teacher rises voiceless before a class Of pale, tight-lipped children/ The blackboard behind him as black as the sky Light-years from the earth. It´s the silence the teacher loves, The taste of the infinite in it. The stars like teeth marks on children´s pencils. Listen to it, he says happily.   Charles Simic ………………………………………. Fără voce se ridică profesorul...Read More »

Ohjaustyön opas

Ohjaustyön opas   One of those books which help you understand why you love your profession of counselor with such a passion…                                   Maria Magdalena Biela ...Read More »

A child's prayer

                                                      A child’s prayer Please, let me live, give me a chance of life on Earth to have a glance, Let me grow roots and let me shine on this blue planet in decline.     When I was born into this Light you all blessed me with great delight, you all were filled with greedy thoughts: “Our child will have...Read More »