PENTRU PAMANTUL DIN CARE M-AM NASCUT: ROMANIA…. Mi-e drag si mi-e dor…Mi-s dragi muntii, mi-e draga Marea Neagra a adolescentei mele si anilor de studentie, mi-e draga Delta si Dunarea, mi-e drag tot spatiul acela mioritic care NU apartine nimanui prin testament…Acel pamant apartine Creatorului…Oamenii care il locuiesc temporar, il distrug...Read More »


                            Legacy “THERE ARE NO UNATTAINABLE HEIGHTS, THERE ARE ONLY TOO SHORT WINGS” This is the only thing left of me there, in Riihimäki, at my first and most beloved workplace, RIIHIMÄEN AIKUISLUKIO MAAHANMUUTTAJIEN PERUSKOULU ( Riihimäen aikuislukio – Riihimäen kaupunki ): A QUOTE. When I first started to work there, in April 2003,...Read More »


                    HUMBLING I wake up at 7.00 a.m. I drink my coffee, watching through the window the same lifeless street, the same trees still naked, same flats tall and covering my horizon, same portion of sky changing colors from dark to Light…Actually this is my only sign that hours pass and day...Read More »

Happy Easter 2020!

                                        Happy Easter 2020!   It’s Easter morning, outside a wild rain talks alone, angry, upset, hitting the window as if she’d like to come inside and hit me too. The flame of the candle humble yet bold doesn’t shiver: it knows better than to shy away from the rain… it’s seen worse...Read More »


                              CHOPINIAN LAMENT / BOCET CHOPINIAN This Autumn I mourn the fear of a leaf who paid to October a fistful of days to dye her hair from green to fire unaware that the dyeing brings death. I mourn the nightmare of birches who dreamt themselves fire in the heart of Winter unaware that only becoming kindling they will glow. I mourn the sadness of the...Read More »


                                    PAST RESENT Powers below and powers above He asked you to bring him me and my love. He put a spell on me many lives past asking for a love that will always last. He opened the mysteries’ dark heavy door, He wanted to see what his Fate had in store. He willed Light and Shadow intertwine...Read More »


                                                  DUPA DOUAZECI DE ANI / IN TWENTY YEARS Acum douazeci de ani, în 1999, lumea era un loc complet diferit decât acum, in 2019. Eram în zorii unui nou mileniu, stresati si nesiguri ce ne va aduce anul 2000. Viata era inca reala, palpabila, vizibila, intrigand toate simturile in alerta, oamenii vorbeau, comunicau,...Read More »

The day I died / Ziua in care am murit

                  The day I died / Ziua in care am murit I was eighteen, I woke up that morning and I thought: today is my last day on earth. I went outside, a November morning dark and heavy looked at me morosely. Yet what I saw was the fire of a daring sunrise at the horizon. The rain fell cold yet I saw its...Read More »


                    Tango I sway and weep and I go deep into forgiveness, I tangle on from dusk ’till dawn trying to witness. Each memory invisibly a bounding thread I lonely and foolishly nourished and shed. My head held high I dance and sigh in leaping strides a butterfly you also I tango as tides.   Maria Magdalena ...Read More »


                  Zborul (Album: Revelatii) Si merg in haite mari, de frica, Pentru ca stiu ca forta lor … e mica… Si unde s-a vazut pe cer un zbor de vultur Sa-si caute popas sau tihna In cuiburi de gaini, sau in multimi, de frica… Nicole Potorac ...Read More »