Cold War

Cold War Dwa serduszka cztery oczy, oj, joj, oj Co płakały we dnie w nocy, oj joj, oj Siwe oczka co płaczecie Że się spotkać nie możecie Że się spotkać nie możenie Mnie mantula zakazała, oj.. Żebym chłopca nie kochała, oj.. A ja chłopca łap, za szyję Będę kochać póki żyję, Będę kochać póki żyję, Pawel Pawlikoski ...Read More »


Volare   Pienso que un sueño parecido no volverá más y me pintaba las manos y la cara de azul, y me improvisó el viento, rápido me llevó y me hizo a volar en el cielo infinito. Volare, oh, oh, Cantare, oh, oh, Nel blu dipinto di blu, Felice di stare lassù. Y volando feliz yo me encuentro más alto, más...Read More »


Charade When we played our charade We were like children posing Playing at games, acting out names Guessing the parts we played Oh what a hit we made We came on next to closing Best on the bill, lovers until Love left the masquerade Fate seemed to pull the strings I turned and you were gone While from the darkened wings The...Read More »

Lover Man

Lover Man   I don’t know why but I’m feeling so sad I long to try something I never had Never had no kissing Oh, what I’ve been missing Lover man, oh, where can you be The night is cold and I’m so alone I’d give my soul just to call you my own Got a moon above me But...Read More »

Killing me softly

Killing me softly Strumming my pain with her fingers Singing my life with her words Killing me softly with her song Killing me softly with her song Telling my whole life with her words Killing me softly with her song I heard she sang a good song, I heard she had a style And so I came to...Read More »

La Bohème

La Bohème   Je vous parle d’un temps Que les moins de vingt ans Ne peuvent pas connaître Montmartre en ce temps-l Accrochait ses lilas Jusque sous nos fenêtres Et si l’humble garni Qui nous servait de nid Ne payait pas de mine C’est là qu’on s’est connu Moi qui criait famine Et toi qui posais nue La bohème, la bohème Ça voulait dire On est...Read More »

Mica tiganiada

  Mica tiganiada   Trec tigani pe drum, Drumu-i plin de fum, Fumu-i plin de scrum, Foc ardea! Vai tigani, tigani, Gipsies si gitani, Fara cer si ani, Trec pe drum! Tiganie, rai Rai care erai Caravan serai Acadea. Raiul meu beteag, De pe alt meleag Cat imi esti de drag, Nu stiu cum. Trec tigani prin colb Colbul este orb, Orbul e un corb, Giacardea. Cade seara-n camp, Soarele-i scalamb, Cortul este stramb, Foc ardea. Fac...Read More »

Ti amo

Ti Amo I remember when I saw your face You caught me smiling, I had to look away And I could not resist the promise of your kiss Now dream is all I do, of paradise and you I wanna be where the sun is shining Amore mio I wanna have you there beside me Amore mio Now those...Read More »

Bitter Sweet Symphony

Bitter Sweet Symphony Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony this life Trying to make ends meet, you’re a slave to the money then you die. I’ll take you down the only road I’ve ever been down You know the one that takes you to the places where all the veins meet, yeah. No change, I can’t...Read More »

Down in Mexico

Down in Mexico Down in Mexicali There’s a crazy little place that I know Where the drinks are hotter than the chili sauce And the boss is a cat named Joe He wears a red bandana, plays a blues pianna [this is the way he pronounces It; to rhyme with “bandana”] In a honky-tonk, down in Mexico He...Read More »