It’s all a scam

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It’s all a scam


Here, I’ve said it!
All the “first”
are wishful thinking.
The first smile?
Maybe colics, gas.
The first word?
Who’s to say?
What if I’ve said it
all by myself
without any witness?
The first love?
Every boy I’ve kissed
even a girl
was my first love
The first kiss?
A messy, unsanitary
exchange of saliva
teeth clacking together
gnawing on each others mouth
bitten tongue by mistake
aware of all noises
eyes wide open
yep, that’s worth remembering.
The first sexual encounter?
I’ve been a virgin
way more times than
I care to admit.
First orgasm?
Define it.
To sum up:
“the first” is a folks’ tale
something people tell
each other
to keep going on
What really counts
is your “last”:
word, smile, tear,
love, sex encounter, orgasm.
The last time of all.

Maria Magdalena Biela

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