Last day of August 2018

Playground in the end of August 2018   [gallery link="file" ids="8302,8299,8301"]         ...Read More »

La Rosa

                    La Rosa la inmarcesible rosa que no canto, la que es peso y fragancia, la del negro jardín en la alta noche, la de cualquier jardín y cualquier tarde, la rosa que resurge de la tenue ceniza por el arte de la alquimia, la rosa de los persas y de Ariosto, la que siempre está sola, la que siempre...Read More »

Les nourritures spirituelle

Les nourritures spirituelle                   Magdalena ...Read More »

Layla and Majnun

                                      Layla and Majnun Show me the most damaged parts of your soul and I will show you how it still shines like gold…   Nizami ...Read More »

Wondering with the Moon

                                Wondering with the Moon Flaming glowing moon, sleeplessness moon, Overbearing, foolishness, in the heart of June Mercilessly you torment my eyelids to falter, I am hit by your ray like a boat by water. Shining in the Time’s eyes amused in delight, you watch us from cradle until we depart. Scared by you, the shy cranes so...Read More »

Magdalena's Day

                          Maria Magdalena Men called you light so as to load you down, And burden you with their own weight of sin, A woman forced to  cover and contain Those seven devils sent by Everyman. But one man set you free and took your part One man knew and loved you to the core The broken alabaster of...Read More »

I Thee Wed

                  I Thee Wed                                     She wasn’t taller than her doll-house. She was still writing to Santa Claus. Dark curly hair and wide open eyes she piously kneeled piercing the skies. She smiled to Heaven and silently said: “With this heart I Thee wed!”. She blossomed slowly as a dark Rose, her wild thorns brought bleeding to her many foes. Her...Read More »

La multi ani, Tata!

La multi ani, Tata!                                     Bielka     ...Read More »


                    Juhannus Minä avaan syömmeni selälleen ja annan päivän paistaa, minä tahdon kylpeä joka veen ja joka marjan maistaa. Minun mielessäin on Juhannus ja juhla ja mittumaari, ja jos minä illoin itkenkin, niin siellä on sateenkaari. …………………………………………. Midsummer Trusting, my heart I open and I take the daylight there to shine, I want to bathe myself in every lake and taste all berries fine. Deep in...Read More »

Freezing moments in Time

Life is Art, the photographer is only a witness…I take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone… Breathe in / the green / and think serene / of life and laughter / heard and seen… [gallery link="file" ids="7988,7989,7990,7991,7992,7993,7994,7995,7996,7997,7998,7999,8000,8001,8002,8003,8004,8008"] ...Read More »