The scent of a father

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The scent of a father


Since I was a toddler up to the age of 14, when I went to high school, my family called me MITSUKA, especcially my Dad.
I didn’t know why, where from the nick name, sometimes, while growing up, I thought that it may have been an influence from Mitzura Arghezi…But no..
I remember being around four when on Sundays the most waited moment by me was the moment when my father started to shave. That happened in the mornings. I had the honour ( and a very important job !)to assist my father, to hold the instruments, to take care of the hot water and, the most important, to spray on his hands the perfume which he would use to refresh his face after shaving, making funny noises.
That perfume was MITSOUKO, by Guerlain.
After he finished the ritual, fresh and nice, he would reward me with a kiss on the top of my head and a drop of Mitsouko…
Well, in time the memories fade…Mitsouko was replaced by other scents, of my youth, of my other ages ( Cacharel, Trussardi, L’heure bleu)…
By a fortunate accident I met my childhood perfume a few years ago in France…So, MITSOUKO for MITSUKA, the scent of my father, the scent of me growing to become Milena of Cacharel – Anaïs, Anaïs, Maria Magdalena of Trussardi, is once again my scent.
Yet, nothing compares to that time when, being four years old, I was waiting the Sunday morning to get a drop of Mitsouko from my father…


Maria Magdalena Biela

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