Chiar pasarea / Even the bird

POSTED IN classic poetry, Romanian August 22, 2022

Chiar pasarea / Even the bird


Obida vine ca sa treaca.
De ce fugi, omule, de tine?
Au nimeni nu-i sa te-nteleaga,
Sa te asculte, sa te-aline?

Sarata-i lacrima ca marea
Si mult amara-i ca pelinul,
Sa n-o impaci cu razbunarea,
Sa nu o tulburi greu cu vinul.

De-o lume mare fie-ti dorul,
De casa si de codrul verde.
Chiar pasarea ce stie zborul
De una singura se pierde.

Dumitru Matcovschi


Even the bird

The sorrow comes only to pass.
Why from yourself you’re running, man?
Is there no one to understand you,
To listen, to comfort you then?

The tear’s as salty as the sea
And very bitter as th’wormwood,
Don’t dwell peacefully in revenge,
Don’t cloud it hard with wine so good.

Long for the great encompassed world,
For home and for the green woods crossed.
Even the bird that knows to fly
Alone, all by itself, is lost.


painting, Mihai CRISTE

trad. M. M. Biela

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