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Powers below and powers above
He asked you to bring him me and my love.
He put a spell on me many lives past
asking for a love that will always last.

He opened the mysteries’ dark heavy door,
He wanted to see what his Fate had in store.
He willed Light and Shadow intertwine with my mind
asking candles’ flame burn searching for me to find.

In my sleep I felt his scent every night
and his fingers caressing my hair in dim light.
I missed him, the man I knew in my dreams,
when the morning life whispered: “it’s not what it seems”.

I lived a whole life with my eyes opened wide
in my nights while sleeping with a ghost on my side,
he came to my world or I traveled to his.
I was no more myself. I knew what love is.

I found the safe road for my chosen one
to come and to do what was long undone.
Truth, knowledge, feelings: it mattered not
all I wanted was him and this was all I’ve got.

My true other self who made me feel whole
came one day and smiling gave me his soul.
I knew who he was. I breathed and I felt
the dark nights of senses and his dreamy scent.

Maria Magdalena Biela

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