Wondering with the Moon

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Wondering with the Moon

Flaming glowing moon, sleeplessness moon,
Overbearing, foolishness, in the heart of June
Mercilessly you torment my eyelids to falter,
I am hit by your ray like a boat by water.

Shining in the Time’s eyes amused in delight,
you watch us from cradle until we depart.
Scared by you, the shy cranes so astounded and shady
they thought you a tender. They thought you a Lady.

You yelled at the Night while the timid stars
Were hiding in heaven their tears and scars.
Overdone, your praisings bored you with no wit,
worn-out the Word’s meaning fell in infinite.

Do you seak new flattery? New worship to earn?
Try and search on Google, time to be modern!
You will thus create a new identity
To match perfectly with your new eternity.

Dead are the lunatics who in the days of yore
at a corner of a street loved you to a roar.
By a wicked spirit in a rush consumed
They distorted your face as cheap poster doomed.

No longer a mystery, genuine , unique
You are now cloned by a world virtual and freak
Using grotesque make up, awful Photoshop
they defiled your pure Light, they disgraced your hope.

Someone in this phony, ephemeral life
knows that your forgiveness will be like a knife.
Humans of these decades are a tad rough – hewn
They screamed at you last night: “take a selfie, Moon!”

Maria Magdalena Biela

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