I Thee Wed

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I Thee Wed




















She wasn’t taller than her doll-house.
She was still writing to Santa Claus.
Dark curly hair and wide open eyes
she piously kneeled piercing the skies.
She smiled to Heaven and silently said:
“With this heart I Thee wed!”.

She blossomed slowly as a dark Rose,
her wild thorns brought bleeding to her many foes.
Her pale fingers played with rosaries and ink.
She kept watching the heaven without a blink.
She smiled to the blue Moon and silently said:
“With these eyes I Thee wed!”.

Only once she met the dark Evening Star.
Her heart echoed its shine near and far.
She opened her bud, her thorns she killed,
with divine love the dark Rose was filled.
She smiled to Him and silently said:
“With this life and love I Thee wed!”.

Maria Magdalena Biela

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