A child’s prayer

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A child’s prayer

Please, let me live, give me a chance

of life on Earth to have a glance,

Let me grow roots and let me shine

on this blue planet in decline.



When I was born into this Light

you all blessed me with great delight,

you all were filled with greedy thoughts:

“Our child will have money loads”!



You ripped this planet with blind eyes

you cut its trees, darkened its skies,

you killed the life to which you’re bound

searching for money all around.


Mothers and fathers please, redeem!

Listen to your children scream!

Life is a gift to receive once.

Do not destroy fragile balance!


I need not money to sleep tight,

to have fresh air and starry night,

serene to listen to birds’ song,

to feel that here I do belong!



Please let me live, let me grow old!

Stop searching for leprechaun’s gold!

Stop your greed, your badness, lust,

for me to have in Future trust.



For me to see the moon, the sun,

with birds and flowers to have fun,

for me to see a heaven blue,

to grow old kind, and good, and true.



Protect me from your evil deeds!

Stop lying! You don’t know my needs.

Do you want me to show you how?

For me, please, save the Planet now!



Maria Magdalena Biela

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