The carrier

POSTED IN Stories April 1, 2017

The carrier

I caught a nasty
Spring happiness.
I’m not sure how.
must have smiled
straight into my soul.
I felt suddenly hot and cold,
warm and fuzzy,
I saw rainbows
on a rainy day,
I sang for no reason
and smiled to unknown people
on the street.
It seems to be
highly contagious
and to have a very short
incubation period.
I kissed my love
and I’ve contaminated him
for he came home
dancing in the rain
filling my arms
with all the white lilacs
stolen from the city.
He might have been
weaker than I
for he started
to write poems,
to tell me “I love you”
every second hour,
to praise my food
(I’m not so much of a cook),
to find me interesting.
It is terrible!
My  happiness
triggered in him
a chain reaction
and strange side effects.
Could it be genetic
I wonder?
I shudder to think about
my children,
my grandchildren,
my great grandchildren
exposed to happiness
simply because
I was the carrier.

Vintage print

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