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Tonight I’ll drink, I’ll drink tonight
to the New Year, to the new “might”,
to those who crushed my dreams and flight,
to all my hopes that suffered blight.

I raise the glass to the New Year,
for the new harvesting I cheer,
for what I’ve seen and for the seer,
for everything that I hold dear.

I’ll drink to dead and to alive,
to those who smile and those who strive,
to those who waste life to contrive,
to those who every day survive.

I’ll drink to clouds and to the light,
to all the stars in human plight,
all shining silent, shining bright,
so far away from our sight.

Tonight I’ll drink a poisonous drink,
I’ll give myself the time to think
before I die, perhaps a blink.
I’ll give my pen a glass of ink.




Vintage print


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