Cantec de adormit genunchii / Lullaby for the knees

POSTED IN translated Romanian-English July 24, 2015











Cantec de adormit genunchii

Sa nu tipati, genunchii mei.
Drum cu ferigi de nopti, de ploaie.
Genunchi de fier cum va îndoaie?
Va mân spre el ca pe doi miei.

Pe drumul negurii va-mping.

Va vor lua poate între ei
genunchi ce strâng, zvâcnind si grei,
ca noptile de astrahan.
Si licurici de pasi se sting.

Sa nu tipati, genunchii mei.



Lullaby for the knees

Do not scream, my beloved knees.
Path filled with ferns of nights, of rain.
The iron knees’ ll bend you in pain?
I guide you to him, lambs of ease.
I push you on the path of mist.

You will be captured hard of wheeze
by other knees which hold and squeeze,
like darkened nights of astrakhan.
And firefly steps don’t persist.

Do not scream, my beloved knees.

English version, Maria Magdalena Biela

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