Love / Iubire

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Love / Iubire

You shudder
feeling disolved
only the wedding ring
heavy like the
wholly matrimony
remains of you.
No begging
no mercy
only the shudder
and the consuming flame
to hurt.
I breake you
and search
until I find
the soul
then I take your shattered
piece by piece,
my lips are fingers,
I make you
whole again.


simtind dizolvarea
doar verigheta
grea precum
sfintei casatorii
mai ramane din tine.
Fara implorari
fara mila
doar tremurul
si flacara mistuitoare
de a rani.
Te sparg in bucati
si caut
pana gasesc
apoi iau fiinta ta
bucata cu bucata,
buzele sunt degete,
te fac din nou

A mea.

Maria Magdalena

Wondering with the Moon

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Wondering with the Moon

Flaming glowing moon, sleeplessness moon,
Overbearing, foolishness, in the heart of June
Mercilessly you torment my eyelids to falter,
I am hit by your ray like a boat by water.

Shining in the Time’s eyes amused in delight,
you watch us from cradle until we depart.
Scared by you, the shy cranes so astounded and shady
they thought you a tender. They thought you a Lady.

You yelled at the Night while the timid stars
Were hiding in heaven their tears and scars.
Overdone, your praisings bored you with no wit,
worn-out the Word’s meaning fell in infinite.

Do you seak new flattery? New worship to earn?
Try and search on Google, time to be modern!
You will thus create a new identity
To match perfectly with your new eternity.

Dead are the lunatics who in the days of yore
at a corner of a street loved you to a roar.
By a wicked spirit in a rush consumed
They distorted your face as cheap poster doomed.

No longer a mystery, genuine , unique
You are now cloned by a world virtual and freak
Using grotesque make up, awful Photoshop
they defiled your pure Light, they disgraced your hope.

Someone in this phony, ephemeral life
knows that your forgiveness will be like a knife.
Humans of these decades are a tad rough – hewn
They screamed at you last night: “take a selfie, Moon!”

Maria Magdalena Biela

Time in a frame

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Time in a frame



She’s tall, dark-haired, with sparkling eyes,
her fingers swift and sure,
bent over piano she cries,
her white neck’s long and pure.

She’s twenty two or twenty three,
and to the angels talking
she needs not notes for melody,
she plays as if sleepwalking.

The photo speaks volumes of her
and of that time in amber.
She is with child, her music slur
her wings, her joy, her cumber.

She died in child birth, Christmas Eve.
Her daughter is my mother.
She gave us all a life to grieve.
A woman like no other.

In this photo she’ll always be
forever young and pregnant.
She knows not that from her to me
Time will be framed incessant.

This photo is a last image
Of my grandmother’s life.
She always will be that age,
mother to be and wife.
I play her piano these days.
I look like her, been told.
She is in silence, I’m in maze
She is young, I am old.

I kiss her photo, black and white
I smile: how odd and funny,
when time she stopped she had the sight:
I’m older than my grannie!



Maria Magdalena Biela


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Lost pride
last seen
the teachers’ lounge.
In ‘99
South-east of Europe.
It was vintage
yet it was mine.
I travelled since
searching for it
in vane.
Who may find it
return it
to grave nr.5
the Mountain Ash tree
facing the heaven.
three bloody tears
and my story.




Sanna Vehviläinen

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Sanna Vehviläinen

The definition of PERFECTION! I have never been so overwhelmed by a moment that I was lucky enough to witness, and lucky enough to capture her image next to mine…





















Maria Magdalena Biela


A child’s prayer

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A child’s prayer

Please, let me live, give me a chance

of life on Earth to have a glance,

Let me grow roots and let me shine

on this blue planet in decline.



When I was born into this Light

you all blessed me with great delight,

you all were filled with greedy thoughts:

“Our child will have money loads”!



You ripped this planet with blind eyes

you cut its trees, darkened its skies,

you killed the life to which you’re bound

searching for money all around.


Mothers and fathers please, redeem!

Listen to your children scream!

Life is a gift to receive once.

Do not destroy fragile balance!


I need not money to sleep tight,

to have fresh air and starry night,

serene to listen to birds’ song,

to feel that here I do belong!



Please let me live, let me grow old!

Stop searching for leprechaun’s gold!

Stop your greed, your badness, lust,

for me to have in Future trust.



For me to see the moon, the sun,

with birds and flowers to have fun,

for me to see a heaven blue,

to grow old kind, and good, and true.



Protect me from your evil deeds!

Stop lying! You don’t know my needs.

Do you want me to show you how?

For me, please, save the Planet now!



Maria Magdalena Biela

Happy Birthday, my Father!

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Happy Birthday, my Father!


Si de Florii

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Si de Florii

Si de Florii
te-astept sa fii
si sa atingi
cu mine Cerul…

Te-astept sa vii
cu frunze vii
al fericirii

De-ai sa ma minti
ma jur pe sfinti
te vand pe
30 arginti

te las sa fii
cu ochi pustii
in ziua sfanta
de Florii.


The carrier

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The carrier


I caught a nasty
Spring happiness.
I’m not sure how.
must have smiled
straight into my soul.
I felt suddenly hot and cold,
warm and fuzzy,
I saw rainbows
on a rainy day,
I sang for no reason
and smiled to unknown people
on the street.
It seems to be
highly contagious
and to have a very short
incubation period.
I kissed my love
and I’ve contaminated him
for he came home
dancing in the rain
filling my arms
with all the white lilacs
stolen from the city.
He might have been
weaker than I
for he started
to write poems,
to tell me “I love you”
every second hour,
to praise my food
(I’m not so much of a cook),
to find me interesting.
It is terrible!
My  happiness
triggered in him
a chain reaction
and strange side effects.
Could it be genetic
I wonder?
I shudder to think about
my children,
my grandchildren,
my great grandchildren
exposed to happiness
simply because
I was the carrier.


Vintage print


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…cad zapezile-ostenite,
si-n mine urla lupi natangi,
adulmecand poteci gresite.
Te-astept pe tine sa-i alungi.

… fug de oameni printre oameni,
si-n inima-mi omatu-i greu,
si sunt un nimeni printre nimeni,
te cat pe tine, omul meu.

…vantul suduie napraznic,
si limba lui nu-i limba mea,
la moartea dorului fac praznic.
Te-astept sa plangi cu fulgi de nea.

…iar ma nasc in asta lume,
o anonima inutila,
si n-am capitol, nici volume.
Doar tu, prefata mea subtila.

Vintage print