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Asa imi vine cateodata, Doamne,
Sa-mi dau in suflet una cu piciorul
Prin maracini sa-l dau de-a rostogolul,
Sa-l trag de chica si sa-l iau la palme!

Si-asa imi vine-n el s-arunc cu pietre,
Sa-l sangerez ca pe-un apus de soare,
Sa-l calc ca pe-o buruiana in picioare,
Si sa-l izbesc cu capul de perete!

Ca pe un orb apoi sa-l port de mana,
Din poarta-n poarta si din targ in targ,
Si pe ulitele acestui burg
sa-l risipesc farama cu farama.

Demostene Andronescu



And so I feel like doing, God,
To kick my soul until it stumbles
To roll it over through the brambles
To pull it by its hair and slap it hard.

And so I feel like throwing stones at him,
To bleed him like a sunset kneed
To step on it like on a poisonous weed
And hit its head against the wall grim.

Then carry it by the hand like a blind,
From gate to gate and from one borough on
And on the every lane of this small town
to scatter it piece by piece I’m inclined.

Translated by Maria Magdalena Biela

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