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This I say, and this I know:
Love has seen the last of me.
Love’s a trodden lane to woe,
Love’s a path to misery.

This I know, and knew before,
This I tell you, of my years:
Hide your heart, and lock your door.
Hell’s afloat in lovers’ tears.

Give your heart, and toss and moan;
What a pretty fool you look!
I am sage, who sit alone;
Here’s my wool, and here’s my book.

Look! A lad’s a-waiting there,
Tall he is and bold, and gay.
What the devil do I care
What I know, and what I say?

Asta spun si asta stiu:
Gata de-acum cu iubirea.
Drum batatorit spre greu,
Iubirea-i nefericirea.

Asta stiu si-am tot stiut,
Si va spun din ani de patimi:
Inima-i de zavorat.
Iadul e-a iubirii lacrimi.

Dai inima, suspini cu frica;
Te prosteste dragostea !
Inteleapta-s, singurica;
‘Ici ghergheful, ‘ici cartea.

Iata!’Colo-i un flacau,
‘nalt, si vesel, si nebun.
De-unde naiba sa simt eu
Ce sa stiu si ce sa spun?


In romaneste, Maria Magdalena Biela

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