Happy Easter 2020!

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Happy Easter 2020!


It’s Easter morning, outside a wild rain talks alone, angry, upset, hitting the window as if she’d like to come inside and hit me too. The flame of the candle humble yet bold doesn’t shiver: it knows better than to shy away from the rain… it’s seen worse than that… The chime of the bells, the Cathedral bells, usually would welcome every Christian to enter and take the Light of Easter and pray together for a better tomorrow. We watch through the window the crying heavens and we pray together, each window a silent prayer..no altar, no priest, no blessed bread and wine, only our souls, naked, shimmering like the Light of the candle, like the smoke of it. This is all we have this morning: some see the Light, some see the Smoke…and we all think of a prayer, and we all need a Kind Master to guide us all through the angry rain towards the Light…

From my window in Turku, Finland HAPPY EASTER to all!


Maria Magdalena Biela

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