Bocet Chopinian / Chopinian lament

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Bocet Chopinian / Chopinian lament

In toamna asta  bocesc
spaima unei frunze
ce i-a platit lui Octombrie
un pumn de zile
sa-i schimbe culoarea parului
din crud in foc
ca vopseaua aduce moartea.

Bocesc cosmarul mestecenilor
care s-au visat foc
in inima iernii
ca doar devenind surcele
vor fi mistuiti.

Bocesc amarul strugurilor
ce-au ravnit sarut de buze rumene
ca spre a fi bauti din pahar
trebuie sa se lase striviti.

In toamna asta bocesc
disperarea Omului
ce-a cautat iubirea
ca ea-i fu umbra
pe care a ignorat-o
frunza cu frunza
si copac dupa copac.
Chopinian lament

This Autumn I mourn
the fear of a leaf
who paid to October
a fistful of days
to dye her hair
from green to fire
that the dyeing brings death.

I mourn the nightmare of birches
who dreamt themselves fire
in the heart of Winter
that only becoming kindling
they will glow.

I mourn the sadness of the grapes
who yearned for rosy lips kisses
that to be drank from a glass
they must let themselves be crushed.

This Autumn I mourn
the despair of the Man
who searched for love
that she was his shadow
which he ignored
leaf by leaf
and tree after tree.

Maria Magdalena Biela

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