Izvorul noptii / The spring of night

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Izvorul nopţii / The spring of night

ţi-s ochii-aşa de negri încât seara
când stau culcat cu capu-n poala ta
îmi pare
că ochii tăi, adânci, sunt izvorul
din care tainic curge noaptea peste văi
şi peste munţi şi peste seşuri
acoperind pământul
c-o mare de-ntuneric.
Aşa-s de negri ochii tăi,
lumina mea.

Lucian Blaga

The spring of night

your eyes are so black that in the evening
when I lie down with my head in your lap
It seems to me
that your eyes, the deep, are the source
from which mysterious the night flows over the valleys
and mountains, and planes
covering the earth
with a sea of darkness.
So black are your eyes,
my light.

Vintage Print

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