The human “race”

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The human “race”

Maybe that’s why it is called human race: we are racing each other to the top, we are running, always in a hurry, towards what? The final destination? We talk in a hurry, we shorten the words, we eat in a hurry, we sleep in a hurry, we live with the light speed…I watch people, crowds or singles and I would like to scream: FREEZE! STOP for a moment and breathe….IN and OUT…IN and OUT…look around, watch and see, notice, observe…
The taxi you run after will go but another will come…so it goes for the bus, train, plaines, wives, husbands, boyfriends, gilrfriends, jobs, deadlines, meetings, money, properties…everything is replaceable but you are not…your life is given only once, you don’t get second or third chances…

Don’t waste this priceless gift called Life in petty jealousies, anger, hate, senseless competitions, faking feelings, faking friends, faking yourself until you don’t know who is that person in the mirror and who is that person in society: is it one and the same or a double personality?

We are overdozed by using mobiles and computers, we forgot to really watch each other in the eye and talk, real words not SMS, to hold hands for real and smell the scent of seasons in real life not the virtual one.

Sing like no one is listening, love like you’ve never done before, dance like nobody’s watching, live like it’s your last day on earth…

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